Is it time to update your look? If you’re ready to embrace a new style, the popular haircut styles from Europe are trending globally.

 Several different options are available, ranging from casual to something experimental. As a premier barber and cosmetology school in the San Jose area, we can help you select the perfect look today!

Which one of these options seems suitable for your style?


1. The Short Pixie Cut

Almost everyone has beautiful hair that can become a shorter pixie cut. It’s a fashionable style that gets to the point, showing off an edgier persona while still hitting every beautiful note you want to have for your overall look.


2. The Low Ponytail

A ponytail never goes out of style. It’s a practical cut that lets you do almost anything! If you part your hair in the front while keeping everything long in the back, you’ll have a fun combination. Over in Europe, this style gets paired with bangs for a trendy look.


3. The Loose Curl

Casual is the new formal in Europe today. When you want to show off a fashionable side, consider adding some loose curls to your look. Although you can let them fall anywhere, a great length is about to the middle of your back.


4. Shaved Sides

The buzzed cut is a look that men have worn for more than a decade. They keep the hair on top long, pulling it back into a bun or ponytail. Women are now embracing this style, especially with only one side of the head cut short. You have many creative ideas to pursue, from dying your hair a unique color to creating some exciting braid patterns.


5. Layered Locks

This hairstyle is a timeless classic wherever you go. When you add layers to your style, it’s much easier to manage while delivering extra flair and depth. If you get tired of how your hair sits after getting this cut, you can always keep it sleek and straight to change things up a little.


6. The Framed Cut

Although framing your face might seem like a simple haircut, it’s one of the more complicated ones to create. Not only do you have bangs to manage, but you also have symmetry to accomplish around the face. When you work with a trusted specialist to get it right, you’ll have instant elegance to enjoy in the mirror’s reflection.


7. The Quiff

This fun hairstyle is shorter, which makes everything easier to care for in the morning. It adds some volume and texture while staying messy enough to provide more of a casual look. If you choose this option, you can transition from work to home or a night on the town with zero effort.

When you’re ready to explore the popular haircut styles in Europe for women, our team in the San Jose area can deliver the results you want. Let us know what you’d like to see, and we’ll make it happen!