Build Volume to Your Thinning Hair

Hair represents something personal for us, especially for women. It’s a subject that’s commonly tied with our confidence and self-esteem and as such, it is of great importance. Hair, how long (and short it is), its texture, and color all influences how we are perceived and how we perceive others.

Time and time again, hair has directly been linked to beauty and its varying degrees of standards. In a way, your hair represents your personality (and it gives away your age!) and may have a positive or negative effect on your image.

This is the reason why, for the purpose of showcasing one’s personal characteristics, we style our hair to make statements. However, unlucky for some of us, we have to deal with flat hair sometimes. Flat hair does not necessarily mean the absence of a curl or a wave, but it means that your hair tends to lie close to your head, particularly the crown area. Your hair is probably on the thin side with a fine delicate texture.

As people who work in the cosmetology business, we at KZ Academy understand your struggles. So, we figured that coming up with a quick guide to help you build volume to your thinning hair might be just what you need.

Play around with the length of your hair

  • Some stylists would agree that the optimal length for thin hair would be no longer than your shoulders. Short hairstyles can give the impression of greater volume, and they are oftentimes easier to arrange. If you have thin hair, then volume over length might be a great tradeoff.


Try a multi-layered hairstyle

  • One way to visually improve the volume of your hair is to experiment with a multi-layered hairstyle such as an uneven or messy fringe. This type of hairstyle is suitable for anyone and suits virtually all types of face and hair.
  • A curly or wavy hairstyle might also give your hair volume an instant boost. For a healthy, heat-free wave strategy, you can do the following:
    • apply volumizing mousse to clean, damp hair; form each half of your hair into a braid; let it dry; then undo the braids and gently rake through your hair with your fingers—and that’s it. Beach waves, achieved!


Wash your hair the right way

  • Washing your hair the right way might also help you increase its volume. Here are the “rules”:
    • Start by rinsing your hair with warm or hot water. Warm/hot water opens the pores and dislodges dirt and particles trapped in them. It also loosens the oils on the scalp so open pores can readily absorb them.
    • Apply shampoo only through the hair roots and slowly spread the lather along the length of your hair.
    • Inversely, apply conditioner only to the length of your hair; including the roots only makes your hair heavier and flatter.
    • Lastly, wash your scalp regularly (without shampoo) to get rid of dead cells and improve blood circulation.

So, there you have it! Three quick tips on how to improve the volume of your hair. If you would like to know more about your hair and cosmetology, please visit our website here.