Popular Hair Styles for 2020

Hairstyles change from season to season, sometimes following trends of celebrity styling
and big fashion events. Even with everyone’s ‘dos being unique from one
another, there are certain styles that strike everyone in terms of inspiration.
This year has been a bit different, however, as COVID-19 has restricted
everyone to an indoor-only lifestyle. Spring hairstyles and summer hairstyles
are not quite in the lineup this year due to quarantine, so below are some of
the most popular hairstyles that we have to look forward to once doors open up
again in 2020.

Predictions of the 2020’s Best Hairstyles

 Short hair.
Stylists everywhere are predicting that short hair will be making a comeback after the last few years’ obsession with long, luscious locks. Instead of going for the flowing extensions as people have been in the recent past, more fashionistas will be heading toward the look of chic, short cuts – especially bobs.

 Natural hair.
More women of color are finding their confidence and liberation in rocking natural hairstyles, showing off their true, unique textures one curl at a time. Rather than sleek, straight styles, a steadily increasing number of people are showing their stuff and letting their coils, curls, and waves fly free.

 Warm-toned hair colors.
The bright colors and obsession with multicolor hairstyles are being left in the last decade. Warm tones, especially variations of brunettes and generally solid coloring (as opposed to highlights, ombre, etc.) will be a big hit this year. The allure of these styling options is that they don’t require nearly as much upkeep as brighter, more complex styles do.

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