For every woman, elegance and beauty are an undeniable feature they want to blend into their look every day. The female hair has always been the center of attraction regardless of the makeup, classy designer dress, or shoes worn to grace occasions or simply step out in style.

For most people who keep in touch with the latest trends in hairstyles, using hairsprays in their routine styling has become a common step. And to be honest, hair sprays perform wonders when it comes to styling hair. It keeps complex hairstyles in place and creates a brilliantly finishing look which gives all the little details that matter to create a glamorous overall look.

Hairsprays have a few tricks up its sleeves and this is why it’s a widely used styling item and considered essential. It can be used to keep your curls coiled after styling, halting fly-always, and even stops bobby pins from slipping out of place.

However, just like any other chemical products with potential side effects, hairspray is no different.

How much do you really know about your hairspray?

After reading about some of its long-term effects, you might want to reconsider not making it a part of your daily hair care regimen to maintain healthy hair.

Some of the long term effects of hair sprays include:

      1. It dries and irritates the scalp & hair – Most hairsprays contain ethanol which is a type of alcohol. Alcohol dries the scalp and hair destroying proteins, fats, and the natural conditioning of the scalp with consistent use. Destroying the natural state of the hair will go a long way to cripple the integrity of the hair. To play safe, it’s best to opt for other options that do not contain ethanol as their solvent as this will encourage hydration and promote healthier hair growth and look.
      1. Makes hair prone to breakage – When hairsprays are applied for a long period of time, it coats the hair with layers of the product. A hair that is coated thickly with hairspray has weakened hair cuticles and this exposes the hair to abnormal hair breakage and hair loss. So, during brushing women who frequently use hairsprays notice heavy hair loss as the hair is easily pulled out of its cuticle. This might leave them puzzled, and most people have no idea that it’s as a result of using hairsprays to hold or style hair.
      1. Makes products less effective and Deposits dandruff-like white substance on the hair – A lot of women notice this effect first. With regular use of hairsprays, the hair becomes resistant to products as there is a massive buildup of old products on the hair which makes the hair less effective with new products. Also, hairsprays deposit a white light substance on the hair similar to dandruff and this can be quite unsightly. The deposits become more visible with consistent use and it covers the scalp as well. It is recommended to use a clarifying shampoo once a week to clear the debris and properly clean the scalp.
      1. Hairspray makes the hair dull – Coating your hair with polymers of hairspray over time will take away the lustrous feature of your hair. Using hairspray alone won’t cause any damage to your hair, however, with repeated use, your hair will begin to look dull due to deprivation of your hair nutrients over time.

Generally, single-use hairsprays do not cause any significant damage to your hair or scalp, rather it’s the prolonged usage that begins to exert drastic effects on the hair. To maintain healthier hair, it’s best to opt for products fortified with vitamin E, lighter coating, and non-alcoholic solvent as a base.