With New Year, it is the time for a mane makeover. Plenty of hairstyles is trending that are impossible to ignore while styling. Whether you are planning for new hair color or hitting on getting a new and trendy haircut, there is no limit to creativity and what you can do. Therefore, KZ academy comprehends your concern and has come up with trendy and innovative hairstyles. Whether you want a haircut or are willing to learn to play with hair, KZ academy will not disappoint you.

Here are some of the trendy hairstyles you need to take into consideration to uplift the look.


You must be wondering, “Mullets”? Seriously? Yes, retro looks never get old, but we offer this 80s hairstyle with a twist. This is not the sort of mullet that you have seen in the picture. We have modernized it with trendy touches to give a more understandable and chill feel.

Face Framing Layers

Whenever we think about a haircut, layers are the first idea spark in our minds. Yes, it is an evergreen hairstyle. Layers always change with the transition of the era. Face framing has been out of fashion but now trending again with the tendency to change the look optimistically. This is the best haircut for round faces.

Wolf Cuts

This is a more effortless look gaining popularity over lob hair. This fantastic hairstyle has even layers, usually accompanied by wispy bands. Try this modern look to add a funky element to your look.

Curtain Bands

Bangs are the current trend that has gained popularity with DIY tutorials. Now, their momentum has officially gained popularity. If you are looking for a low-maintenance and classy change that accentuates your cheekbones, curtain bands are the right option.

Beachy Waves

This trendy hairstyle is one of the perfect laid-back additions to any outfit. Moreover, it will make your one-minute look seems more polished and on point.


Hairstyling is the perfect means to polish, change, or touch up the look. Change in look over time gives confidence and a fresh feeling. Learn and rejuvenate your look with trendy hairstyles by the trustworthy and reliable KZ academy.