Shingling hair is indeed one of the quickest and yet most definition-inducing curly hair techniques to master. It results in smooth, frizz-free, defined, and, most notably, hydrated curls.

If you’re not already aware, shingling is the process of separating and defining every single curl with such a leave-in conditioner, curling lotion, or gel. This gives you the best curl definition, the least amount of frizz, bouncy, and elongated curls. Shingling works best with textures that naturally clump together, thus thicker 4c textures will take a little more work, but the results are well worth it.

Why One Love Shingling Technique:

  • Maximum, outlandish definition
  • A lot of movement
  • Longevity
  • You can wear your wash-and-go for a week and still have significant definition by the following wash.
  • Fewer tangles*
  • Increased volume and lightness of the hair

How to Shingle Curly Hair

A Stepwise process with LOC method (Leave-in, Oil, and Cream) for curly hair.

What will you need?

  • Hair Clip and Pins: For Sectioning
  • Leave in conditioner: For Moistures
  • Curling cream and gel: For proper curl formatting and Nourishment
  • Oil (optional): For hair shining and silkiness
  • Brush for detangling: To make sure the product is applied smoothly among the hair

Important Information:

Shingling is all about moisture. If your hair is moist enough, then you already won the game. To make the shingling routine advance you can use hair oil such as Righteous Roots RX, which is especially beneficial for porous hair, or denser 4A to 4C coils. Oils help to keep moist in the hair by sealing the cuticle.

Your cream or hair gel should be powerful enough to offer some hold to keep the curl’s structure once defined. You may check Giovanni LA Natural Styling Gel or Bounce Curl Avocado and Rose Oil Clump and Define Cream.

5 Easy Steps To Shingle Curly Hair

  • Step 1: Begin with clean, tangle-free hair
  • Step 2: Divide hair into 4 segments
  • Step 3: Apply Leave-in conditioner & Gel
  • Step 4: Apply natural Oil
  • Step 5: Dryer to diffuse hair


After your moist hair has softened and hydrated, divide it into equal sections and apply a leave-in conditioner to each. Spread the product evenly by running your finger through it from root to tip. You might also use a detangling or Denman brush to remove any micro-knots that your fingers missed, beginning at the ends of your hair and gradually working your way up to the root.

Apply a curling lotion or gel to each strand of hair. Smooth each curl from root to tip using your pointer finger, rotating across your forefinger for maximum definition. For 4b to 4c hair, finger sweeps a curling cream into your hair and then separate your strands with gel.

Finally, let your hair dry naturally or use a diffuser to accelerate the process. If you want to raise beautiful curls, disperse hot air with your head upside down, then detach the nozzle and blast chilled air all over to break up the stiffness of gel or excess product. Lift the roots (but only the bases) with an Afro pick for added volume, then shake your hair from side to side to generate movement and bounce.