If you are looking for information on how to easily cut a man’s hair, it means you don’t live under a rock.

With the coronavirus pandemic crisis, many of us have realized how much we miss hairdressers. We have also discovered that cutting our hair or shaping a beard is far from an easy feat. Although we are not able to leave our homes just yet, we still need to do something about it before the hair goes wild!

That is why today we are going to offer you a simple guide to learn what it takes to cut a man’s hair at home. So that you can look great while waiting to put yourself back in the hands of your trusted hairdresser.

How to cut a man’s hair with scissors

In order to succeed at the task, all we need is scissors (ideally specific for hair), a comb and a towel to prevent the hair that we cut from falling on the clothes.

In addition to this, it is recommended to cut on clean hair. If we are going to cut with scissors, it is better to moisten the hair so that it gets easier to handle.

Simply use the comb or fingers as a guide, and then cut nice and slowly with the scissors. It is important that we know how to pick it up and handle them, so that the cut is always controlled.

The correct posture is achieved by handling the scissors with the ring fingers and the thumb. The rest of the fingers fit naturally on the scissors and the hand must feel free of any tension, so that you control the speed with the thumb.

Although we are going to begin the cut from the upper part of the head, some people feel safer by starting from the lower part of the head, especially in the section that is between the ears. Mind you, that’s just not the easiest technique!

It is always better to start a man’s haircut with a large amount of hair and gradually decrease to avoid cutting more than desired. With cuts from top to bottom, the idea is to level or even the entire back and bottom area. Try to match the hairline in this area (you may do so with the scissors or even with a trimmer).

Afterwards, you can cut again the top part with scissors, trying to equalize even more all the hair and leaving the front part longer to facilitate styling. To do this, always use a comb, holding it between the fingertips. Simply hold the hair and cut and cut. Then, comb down to keep everything under control.

Trimmer Cut for Men

If you prefer to put aside scissors and opt for a trimmer cut for men, you may also choose between different styles.

To avoid leaving a “gap” between the shaved and longest area, don’t lif the machine too quickly when reaching the transition between both sections. Also, once you have finished cutting all the hair, repair the transition line with a larger measure to create a slight gradient that attenuate the contrast between both areas. Keep lowering the hair until you feel it’s just perfect! If you still have questions on how to easily cut a man’s hair, remember that a trimmer is always easier than the scissors!