How to Deal with an Active Boy When Cutting His Hair

The profession of hair treatment is an old one. From the ancient Egyptians all the way to modern day America, you can find people looking to take care of and style other people’s hair. Both men and women, young and old, rich and poor go to get their hair done from those professionals. The question is, how do they do it? Specifically, how do they deal with one of the most rambunctious types of customers out there: the young boys.

Cutting a young boy’s hair is all about the angles and determining the length of the cut. One should always hold up the hair and measure the length of the cuts with their fingertips. That way, the one who is cutting the hair can make sure that the boy has the same length hairline all the way around their head before they might try any other styles. Of course, if the kid is trying to mimic the sort of hairstyle from their favourite musician or sports player (Christiano Ronaldo anyone?), this strategy might not be applicable. Before each cut, one should use a comb on the hair before actually cutting it in order to make a smoother cut. Some prefer to start at the neckline instead of at the top of the hair. Spraying the hair with water in order to get a better grip on it is also the common practice for many stylists. 

Techniques When Cutting a Boys Hair

Then there is the technique that is known as layering. Layering is a second round of cuts through the boy’s hair in order to add texture. In order to achieve this layering, one should hold up the hair in the same manner that they did for the first round of cuts. However, instead of cutting in just a single line, a sort of hacking technique should be used in order to get the hair in smaller and more varied lengths. This technique is especially relevant when cutting bangs. Instead of just a single cut that gives a very solid line across the forehead, the hacking method gives a more natural look to the now shorter hair.

Then there is the method known as blending. Blending is when one uses clippers in order to make the top and bottom different lengths and then “blends” them together. By starting from the top and creating the longer lengths first, the clippers are then able to cut the shorter lengths once done. A clipper head that is in between sizes can also be used in order to achieve this blending technique. By the time some of these blending and layering methods are being used, the boy might be getting a bit restless. This does vary from kid to kid, and is also affected by how old the child is, but one might have to bribe them with a treat to keep them still the whole time.

Of course, these are just a couple of the techniques to begin stylizing hair. As long as there are people with hair, there will be a need for hair stylists. Heck, even if there weren’t stylists can find a job in other industries like movies in order to get wigs correct. One of the ways to become certified as one of these professionals is through Cosmetology is always a valuable skill, especially when applied to little boys.