When it comes to applying eye makeup, there are a million different ways you can go about it.

No matter if you’re trying to achieve a smoky, dramatic look or just want to perfect a two-color combo, it all boils down to the technique.

The right colors can make the face pop, and a flawless eyeshadow blend will add depth and dimension that feels pro-quality.

We love upgrading our makeup skills by learning the best techniques, so we want to inspire you to boost your eye makeup skills too. It’s all a creative journey.


Apply Your Eye Makeup Like a Pro

Remember these best practices and top techniques when applying your eye makeup. Grab your favorite eye shadow palette, and let’s get started.


Know Your Eye Shape

The #1 key to achieving flawless eye makeup is knowing your eye shape. The shape of your eye will dictate how you apply your eyeliner and eyeshadow. Almond is probably the eye shape you’re most familiar with, but there is much more than meets the eye (pun intended).

Round, hooded lids, monolids, deep-set, or wide-set are other common eye shapes. Look at multiple examples to narrow down your correct shape. Round eyes can look a bit different when compared between two people, but the general outline is there.

Blend, Blend, Blend

Blending is a must when applying your eye makeup. If you don’t blend well, you won’t achieve that seamless look you worked so hard to get. So, get ready to blend; you’ll need a blending brush for your lid and your crease.

The best way to blend out harsh lines in your eyeshadow is to start in small, circular motions. To blend two colors together, focus those circular motions where the colors meet.

Use Multiple Brushes

To apply your eye makeup like a pro, you must use multiple brushes that perform different functions. For example, there are eyeshadow brushes specifically made for tapered blending, smudging, using in the crease, and working with angles.

The same can be said for eyeliner as well. Opt for an ultra-thin brush to create sharp, precise lines. Or use a flat-top brush to apply liner on the lash line.

Prime & Set

Before you start thinking about skipping the eye primer, wait. Primer helps serve as a base for your eyeshadow pigment. It hydrates the skin underneath and locks in the shadow on top. To add an extra layer of shimmer and color to your eye makeup, opt for a tinted primer instead of a neutral one.

For example, a light dusty-rose tinted primer would look perfect with shades of cream, soft pink, blush, and pretty much any of the lighter shades in the Naked3 palette. Also, don’t forget to set your primer once applied. To use the “setting” technique, simply apply your primer and apply a matte skin-tone-colored eyeshadow. Then, build upon it with the rest of your colors.


Makeup Is a Skill That Takes Practice

Everyone has their own best techniques and methods for applying eye makeup, so use what works for you and get creative with it. KZ Academy, a cosmetology school in San Jose, can teach you all the makeup tricks you need to expand your skills.

Becoming a makeup artist takes lots of practice. So, surrounding yourself with people who only want to inspire you makes the creative journey all the more worthwhile.